From time to time the Club is asked to offer help with RBT’s requiring new homes.


However whilst acting in this capacity the RBT Club can accept no legal liability as to the health temperament or behaviour of the animal or any aspects relating to claims for injury or damage connected to adoptions.


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RBT's needing homes...


NONE  at the moment


There is a waiting list should you wish to be included contant above.

 Re-Homed 11/8/09 Posted; 15th July 'Kurgan', a 3 year old male, gentle, lives in the family home, house check required by owner, a loving home on a one to one basis preferred


re-homed Jan 09 --Mishka 8 years old in Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Dec 08.


re-homed January 2009 October 2008 - Olga is 2 years old and due her owners increasing disability needs to be re homed.


re-homed March 09 .... February ...Max the dog has settled well and loves playing with their new puppy.


re-homed March 09 .... February ...Max the dog has settled well and loves playing with their new puppy.re-homed January 7th 2009 - He now lives with 5 small terrier's and 4 cats AND sleeps in the bedroom with them all AND his new owners. FANTASTIC December 5th-- Tzar 4 year old Male castrated, owner would like him to live with a bitch, he is used to company and says he has a lovely character.


November Re-homed in 4 days- Nushka, (B) 11 months old, spayed, is in kennels and awaiting a new home.


Re- homed 27/11/08-Daisy is 3 years old spayed, and looking for a loving home, not used to children and negatively sometimes lunges at other dogs when out walking, other than that she is a loving bitch and wants to be with you all the time


Re-homed.. Nov 08 Uri a five year old male, the owner says he is gentle and loving.


posted 17th April 2006 -- NOW RE-HOMED AND VERY HAPPY -----MAY 2006


18 MONTH OLD MALE CASTRATED - He was brought into us due to the owners long working hours, he was being left outside in a kennel for twelve hours a day. He obviously was getting bored and fed up with this as had broken through the garden fence. We have suggested that he is not left for more than four hours a day. He is good with other dogs & interacts well, could live with another dog who was social & interactive, although would suggest not another juvenile as can get a bit over excited. He is a well mannered young man, who is lots of fun & in the right hands would make a great addition. He lived with a four year old child & was good, although rather boisterous and was becoming protective of the child in the house (no aggression though). We have passed him for teens, with younger visiting children ok, for this reason. Can be a bit cheeky on lead & will jump up & wriggle about etc, making it difficult to walk him, is just a youngster though in need of a bit of training. Does walk well if kept on a short lead though. Needs a large home with large, secure garden and plenty of stimulation, also needing new owners with experience of this breed or a similar type. May need some work with his recall as history states will not come back if chasing rabbits/rats! The command his owner used in a recall was 'biscuit'?! No issues seen here on a stranger test, is very happy to meet anybody at this stage. Enjoys all hands on, so happy being groomed (although is very matted & in desperate need of a clip off), handled & restrained. Likes his food, knows sit & down. Definitely a good motivation for training, distraction, food toys etc. Many thanks for helping us out, although I am not familiar with the breed he does seem like a really lovely lad, if rather huge!


Kind regards, Sharon Evans Head of Kennels Battersea Dogs & Cats Home